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With a combination of high customer needs and a deep understanding of the challenges in the Audiovisual industry, RoomSense was jointly developed with a global tech company operating across three continents.

The tech company had a vision to create an inspiring office environment integrated with the latest technology to enable creative interactions. Bringing and connecting an high number of new technologies together will always be a source of complexity and challenges. In dialog with Audico Group, the company wished to have a platform enabling full control of diverse devices that were surrounded and mounted in the their offices. The intense dialog resulted into a platform which enable monitoring of all connected devices. RoomSense was born.

RoomSense is now serving several large corporations across the Nordics to support them in the monitoring and maintenance of their audiovisual solutions. The main purpose is to be able to offer their employees hassle-free meeting spaces. Our unique and intuitive platform enables clients and partners to monitor their devices and rooms, regardless of brand.

avg. 9 min

Study shows that it takes in average 9 minutes to get a meeting started due to technical issues


Meeting room tech problems are consuming approx.
10% of IT managers’ time

Dedicated to solving your AV challenges?

Part of the Audico Group, RoomSense offers an audiovisual monitoring solution developed by some of the most experienced audiovisual developers from the industry.

RoomSense is a 24/7 monitoring solution designed for audiovisual equipment, regardless of brands, which integrates your whole audiovisual system into one monitorable entity platform utilising automation.

We are constantly developing our services together with our clients to solve your AV challenges. This enables us to offer you the perfect solution for all your needs.